What is an ERP

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) program is a tool that allows you to manage and plan every aspect of a company’s activities.

ERP systems allow the integration of all business processes (purchasing, production, logistics, sales, accounting, taxation) guaranteeing interoperability between the different members of the corporate structure.

Through the technology of the ERP system it is possible to automate and optimize the most complex phases of the work processes, with greater control of the data and all the necessary information. 

An ERP is part of the company’s organizational processes, which are managed and controlled in every detail.The main characteristics of an ERP program are the versatility of use, an intuitive interface and a fully organized work process that easily adapts to the company’s processes. Indeed, it is ideal for remote work, since it allows you to work with any team and anywhere.

An ERP essentially consists of a database and a modular structure that can include specific applications aimed at the constant improvement of technical functions, performance and, therefore, profitability.

ERP applications can be useful to companies for greater awareness, since they confront production data with financial, distribution and human resources.Integration and automation of business processes allow increased accuracy and productivity. Indeed, through the interrelation of processes, the different departments of the company can synchronize the work to obtain better results in less time.Thanks to ERP systems, the company becomes an increasingly organized, integrated and integrable system with the external reality.