Case Histories for construction management and software solutions

Pizzarotti: Management control on a global scale

Interview with Mr. Claudio Tenna, Group Controller

Relations between Impresa Pizzarotti and TeamSystem Construction commenced in the early 2000s in the context of preparing international tenders. At that time, the Company had decided to build on its experience in the domestic market and a number of European countries by expanding its presence abroad. This resulted in a need for a tool for the preparation of tenders.
The Pizzarotti contract management software, developed and used internally for control purposes, was not designed to address these needs. So They decided to adopt TeamSystem Construction Project Management.

PAC SPA: Integrating 4D and 5D in a BIM project

Interview with Mr.s Stefano Malgarida, IT Manager & David Battiato, Project Manager Assistant

PAC S.p.A. knew about TeamSystem Construction software from their University days and admired its ease of use and excellent functionality so, when they had the chance to integrate it with their processes, they did not hesitate. By contrast with other quantity calculation software, TeamSystem Construction is especially good at facilitating collaborative rather than individual work. Considering the steady growth of the Company, they believe this aspect to be absolutely fundamental.

Andrea Donadello: Restoring in BIM logic

Interview with Mr. Andrea Donadello – Architect

Andrea Piero Donadello is a self-employed architect who mainly deals with restoration projects. He collaborates with the “Palladio Associati” office carrying out surveys with laser scanner technology, and with “CSG Palladio”, a laboratory responsible for diagnosing infrastructures and Cultural Heritage. Mr. Donadello’s past activities include the restoration of the Palladian Basilica in Vicenza (Italy), which was awarded the “European Prize for cultural heritage by Europa Nostra Awards 2014”, the analysis of the Fabbrica as part of the restoration project of Rialto Bridge in Venice (Italy), and the recent restoration project of the Military Memorial in Redipuglia (Italy).

D. Vision Architecture: BIM is the future

Interview with Mr. Armando Casella – Architect

D. Vision Architecture is an architectural company founded in April 2015 by six architects with a long international experience in the field of architecture and engineering, made at Silvano Buzzi & associati in Brescia. They believe in teamwork and highly specialized information sharing; they participate in several initiatives making use of BIM not only during the design stage, but also to define the workflow. Together with other professionals, the company has won a large number of tenders; of different types and size: the requalification of the Hospital in Sassari, the project for a Primary School in Milan, the extension of the Politecnico in Turin and some design tenders such as the Tolerance Pavilion in Moscow. BIM procedures have been implemented inside the company procedure’s protocol and today they are a distinguishing feature of the services supplied. For this reason D. Vision Architecture has created “BIM FACTORY®”, a brand supplying BIM services to all players in the building chain: contracting authorities, professionals, companies and maintenance technicians.

Interview with Irlandini Costruzioni Srl

Interview with Irlandini Costruzioni Srl

Any building company faces difficult issues to solve such as economic needs, work schedules, and difficult locations where the building site is opened… When all these circumstances occur at the same time, problems increase. The BIM method is an extremely efficient approach to reach the highest performance level even when conditions are so unfavorable. An example? The company Irlandini Costruzioni srl, which promoted the use of BIM in restructuring and enlarging a hotel near Verona. Let us see how BIM assisted this operation with the staff who worked together with Mr. Michele Irlandini, Architect and Project Manager of Irlandini Costruzioni srl.

Pro Iter: work order management in the Cloud era

Interview with Mr. Roberto Vacchelli, Manager & Coordinator

Over the years Pro Iter have stayed on top of the various updates of the many software components they use within their company so as to be able to manage each and every work order more accurately, a complexity which requires an information system organised to handle the variety of projects they manage simultaneously. Within this context, the function covered by management software is essential. TeamSystem Construction Project Management solution allows Pro Iter to have the required data quickly and with the necessary economic analysis precision for each single work order, both in terms of cost estimation and analysis, as well as a comparison of the estimates vs. final costs.