The Window of the Construction Information Model (BIM)

Construction Window Model Sales (BIM)

The implementation of BIM (Building Information Modeling) brings significant benefits in all phases of a construction: projection, construction, management and maintenance. Unlike traditional projection methods, BIM allows you to reduce life cycle costs and the possibility of project errors. Likewise, BIM facilitates the coordination of each phase of the project and the collaboration between the different participants. Projects carried out in BIM generally last much less time than those carried out in the traditional way and require fewer revisions, with the consequent economic savings.

The dimensions of BIM go beyond 3D, in fact there is talk of 4D for the management of execution times, 5D for economic assessment, 6D for energy simulation and 7D for general services (facility Management).

With BIM, the effectiveness of maintenance is also enhanced and it is possible to anticipate the drafting of the programs, even during the projection phase. In this way, the works can last fewer months, the management of the building’s life cycle is improved and it is easier to forecast and program investments.

The integration of BIM also contributes to more sustainable projects, thanks to the possibility of creating a dynamic energy simulation of the building. This makes it possible to consider, from the first phases of projection, the most appropriate and economically efficient strategies to calculate the energy performance of a project.