How to choose a BIM software?

How to Choose a BIM Software

To implement BIM technology in the processes of our company or profession, it is first of all necessary to analyze our level of digital maturity to make the most of its potential.

 Then we have to choose the most suitable BIM program for our needs, which is effectively capable of facilitating the achievement of the objectives established with the implementation of BIM.
It is not easy to orient ourselves among the many proposals available on the market, however it is necessary to opt for interoperable programs, that is, that guarantee the necessary collaboration and coordination to implement a correct BIM process.
A BIM program, therefore, must be useful for managing the activities of internal and external collaborators, as well as the entire work process of a project.
To develop the entire process in BIM we have to have a BIM tool not only for the projection, but also for the management of the work and the computation of the 5D dimensions.
A program therefore capable of integrating the 3D model of the project with the data on the instruments, equipment, human resources and other activities necessary for the effective execution of the work.
The most important functions that a program must offer in this sector concern the computing phases, job scheduling, cost and budget analysis, technical and economic control of the progress states of an order.
The program must also allow interoperation through the IFC standard with the programs used for modeling, correlating all the elements of a project, with articles and quantities, as well as following computational aspects, price lists, generating budgets 5D, 4D and accounting.
A BIM program can also be useful for integrated management of all aspects associated with safety, maintenance program management, construction management and budgeting.
By the way, today it is very important that the program operates in the Cloud, so that it remains updated and accessible for remote work from any computer, with the guarantee of full security of the data and information of any project.