ERP SaaS: what is it and its advantages

ERP SaaS: what is it and its advantages

To stay competitive, companies today have to continually refine their own operational management by introducing innovative business models. The technological response to this type of business needs consists of adopting a Cloud-oriented ERP system, which allows reducing the costs of implementation, configuration and maintenance.

With an ERP program in the Cloud, it is the supplier who distributes both the hardware and the software. In this case, it is possible to adopt an ERP Saas software (for its acronym in English, “software as a service”) without the need to have it installed on the equipment itself, since it is used through an Internet connection.

Users create a personal account and management fees are billed on a monthly or annual basis. In this way the provision, maintenance and updating of the programs are carried out directly online. Users can access the program from anywhere, on any computer, by entering their own credentials into a web browser.

The main advantages of the Saas system are:

  • Immediate access, without the need for installation
  • Updates and maintenance services provided by the provider, saving staff time and costs, always having the most up-to-date version of the program
  • Use by multiple contributors without the need to add licenses, as only online registration is required.
  • Use of the program during remote work, through user credentials.
  • High security standards thanks to the Cloud, with minimal risk of losing data.
  • Low management costs.

The use of an ERP Saas program brings advantages to both large and small companies, thanks to the versatility of a tool capable of adapting to the needs of each case, accessible at any time and from any place and equipment.