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Webinar free: Smart working and cooperation in the construction market

15 June / 10:00 - 11:00


Smart working and cooperation in the construction market

Teamsystem CPM is now available also on cloud and it is supported by Microsoft Azure. We are suggesting a new work procedure in which it is possible to share data and information; every user will be able to enter the platform using a username and a password and he will be able to share its own data. The cloud infrastructure has many advantages: our software are accessible everywhere, updates are done automatically, it is not necessary to wait for the software release for corrections and changes and data backup are guaranteed by Microsoft. Moreover, through our new software Estimation in Cloud you will experiment new collaborative scenarios thanks to the new way of working via browser. Through TeamSystem BIM 4D and 5D application in the cloud you can discover a new way of working, even faster and more connected.

Participation is open for all and free of charge, signing up is required. Subscribe now!

10.00/11.00 CET – Central Europe Time